I have entered the world of electronic reading and published
these two novellas for use on your Kindle, Nook or other E-reader.
Both stories involve ocean adventures and are about 7,000 words long, the right size for a "novella", or as one review says, a great coffee break read. 

Giant Tuesday is about what happens when a windsurfer runs out
of wind off the coast of California and sees something he shouldn't see. To keep him quiet he is stripped and left in the ocean at night to drown.

Jake's Ghost is about what happens when a windsurfer's board disintigrates while he is sailing offshore.
His dog is the first one to miss him. The boardsailing manufactering plant misses him too, and his partners struggle to find answers before anyone else dies.

Frank, Jake's Dog, has to learn to survive without an owner the best way he can and only a dog could make eggplant turn into mango. Follow Frank to Baja, where he finds food and friends, things always dear to a dog.

Best part of all this:
The stories can be downloaded from Amazon.com

for .99 each!  Enjoy.